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Golden Grow, Inc.

Our Company

Who are we?

We are green gardeners, like you.  We like to tinker, explore, and try to find or develop tools that best serve our needs.  We started this company because we felt like we could offer some better-working and generally lower-cost alternatives to other products out there.  All of us are seasoned growers using all kinds of methods, from hydroponics to aeroponics to soil systems.  We decided that if we saw a way to do it better, we'd do it and offer those solutions up to you at a fair price.


We are Science-Based

We have discovered that the business of hydroponics has bred countless "experts".  Many of them have a frustrating combination of wrong, anecdotal, or partial information that they pieced together from sources in hydro shops, friends of friends, or in the forums on the Internet. While there are some solid, reputable sites and sources out there, the simple truth is that even when these experts have good information, they don't know why what they are doing works.

When we give information, we do it after rigorous research and documented experimentation.  Over time, we will compile and publish a series of articles and videos that demonstrate the effectiveness of our designs and techniques.


We love DIY-ers

At Golden Grow, we have soft spots in our hearts for tinkerers, hobbyists, and do-it-yourself-ers.  Like you, we often find ourselves in the hardware store perusing parts and pieces, wondering if they could fit together (with a little modification on the workbench, of course).  We've spent hours combing the Internet looking for that perfect piece— that grommet, that piece of molding, that specialty fitting that you have to order 500 of just to get the 3 that you need.

We've been there.  Heck, we're still there!

To honor that spirit, we offer a selection of parts and pieces in our DIY section.  Have your own bucket and a Forstner bit?  Awesome, we have the plumbing kit ready for you to install in your own Homer bucket.  Just need the grommets or the neoprene inserts?  We have you covered.

We're proud of our specialty reservoirs, lids, and plumbing parts.  If your shopping cart starts to look like you're buying a complete system, we recommend you have a look at our pre-packaged systems and combos.  They'll save you a few bucks, and probably more than a few hours of measuring, cutting, tapping and deburring those holes.


Have more questions or comments to share?

Reach us at or try our Contact Us page to leave us a message.



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