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iClone 48 Rooting System


iClone 48 Rooting System

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Product Description

Cuttings and Inserts

Why choose iClone?

cuttingwithinsert.png It is the easiest way to create new plants.
Creating perfect copies of your plant is a simple process. Clip the tip off the end of a branch, put it into the iClone, fill the reservoir with clean water, and put it under a light bulb. That's all there is to it. New roots will grow from the cut end of your plant.
 clock.png It is faster to process.
Because there is less work per plant when compared to other methods, your total processing and handling time is reduced. Not only does this save you time and money, it means the plants experience less shock and trauma from excessive handling and trimming.
deep-roots.png It is faster to grow roots.
Roots appear faster than with other methods, because the new root zone is getting exactly what it needs in exactly the right mix to form new roots. Once roots have started to form (usually in about a week), expect 1-2 inches per day of root growth.
 401002-claypebblefill-small.png It works perfectly with any growing system.
Your newly rooted baby plants will go from the iClone 48 Rooting System directly into any other growing system, hydroponic or soil based or otherwise. Our system is designed to work with you today, and for any grow method you might use in the future.
 Compare with these inferior,
less-effective methods...
compare-seeds-no.png Most good seeds are also expensive, and require careful handling! They need to be lightly abraided, soaked in water, started in paper towel or some other medium, kept in the dark until they sprout, then transplanted to another medium, such as rockwool, coco coir, peat plugs, or some other system. Depending on the kind of seeds, you may have to grow them for a couple of months, determine the gender, identify the desired genetic phenotypes, and then bloom them to determine the quality of the results.
compare-rockwool-no.png Rockwool starters need to be soaked and rinsed in a pH balanced solution. They need to be handled carefully so as not to squeeze out the air pockets between the layers. For cuttings going into rockwool, stems must be dipped in cloning gel or powder, and the leaves must be trimmed to reduce the plant's respiration to keep it from drying out. The rockwool must be kept moist, and the whole thing needs to be kept at a specific humidity to keep from growing mold. Usually this is done with clear domes with adjustable holes that need to be tweaked periodically to allow just the right amount of humidity to escape. The cuttings also need to be kept warm with special heaters for the trays.
compare-peatplug-no.png  Like their rockwool cousins, peat plugs suffer from many of the same problems and constraints that rockwool starter cubes do. They require pH balanced water for initial soaking and expansion (for dry plugs). Cuttings also require leaf trimming and humidity management using a dome or a humidifier to keep the plants at a specific level that keeps them from dying but not also growing mold.

We believe the best reviews
come from fellow growers.

"I like the machine and how well engineered everything is. The Machine did not leak a drop of water from the lid or the sides. And it makes clones ready to use in about fourteen days. It is ideal for a small grow or even a larger operation. If my wife let me use the dishwasher it would be a snap to clean."

- Rumpleforeskin, Gold Member (5000+ posts) Full Review

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